Hello everyone! Now that Blizzcon is over (so sad - can I go back and live there with all the amazing new friends I made?) it is time to kick things into high gear for the holiday season! After receiving a lot of feedback about my Attack on Titan patches, I have decided to resize my small ones! The sleeve patches (which the designs are now mirrored for accuracy!) are now 3 2/3 inches tall, while the pocket patches are just under 3 inches tall. I also lowered the prices to accommodate for this size change.

Also, just for this time of year I am now offering Christmas and Hanukkah ornaments and decorations! The images are just a small sampling of the new goodies in the shop, and I will be having a Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale, so look for the special discount code that I will be posting in a few days!

I made updates to my shipping, so now domestic and international packages are only being sent via USPS Priority, which means all orders are now insured and trackable for domestic and international. This does mean that yes, shipping is now more expensive, but I have a bumpy history with USPS International First Class, and would much rather have my customers pay extra to ensure they receive their packages, than to worry about whether the item has arrived or not, because USPS didn’t scan it before it left the US. I am also offering signature confirmation for those who wish to have the added security, or for those whom USPS likes to deliver things incorrectly for.

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